3 ways to wear T by Alexander Wang.


#36 by kimtpham featuring topshop

The summer/festival look. This look is perfect for the summer or a festival. I love the simple headpiece. And without adding so much jewellery you can easily add some color to the outfit by using lipstick and nailpolish. And voila! You're ready. (also, if it's wet and muddy at the festival you can switch out the sandals with a pair of cool boots)


#35 by kimtpham featuring 2nd day

The feminine look. This outfit is feminine in a cool and simple way. Which is something that i'm a big fan of! You can also take it down a notch by adding some flats instead of the heels.


The rough/tough look. This is probably my fav. look. I love everything simple that has a toughness to it. And the red lipstick is a perfect way to end this outfit. And how cool is that Acne jacket?! Gaad, i'm in love with all of the Acne jackets. Really.

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  1. ah, elsker det siste antrekket! jeg vil ha en jakke fra acne :(