On Christmas eve, my sister went around and took some pictures with her instax camera. All the pictures turned out really great. 

Right now I'm at my friends cabin and will be staying here until wenesday. Can't wait to celebrate new years eve with the girls! So that means I won't be blogging until I get home again. Therefore I wish you guys a HAPPY NEW YEAR.


sweater bikbok

I bought myself a new sweater on sale the other day. It's simple and oversized. Also it's got a turtleneck and stripes. I would say it's kind of perfect. 


Merry Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! Enjoy the day with lots of food, desserts and presents. Have a wonderful day with your family!

GOD JUL alle sammen! Nyt dagen med masse mat, dessert og flotte gaver. Ha en fantastisk dag med familien!



(Starting with some throwback of my summer outfits.)

 FINALLY it's Christmas vacation. Two whole weeks off from school, no homewoorks, tests or deadlines. Just time to relax, enjoying the Christmas time, beeing with my friends and blog! And I can't wait for Christmas eve. Two more days.



The short film 'tropico' includes the songs; Body electric, Gods & monsters and Bel air. 

Queen Lana does it again; amazing!



I'm so sorry for the lack of update on the blog lately. I just have so much schoolwork to focus on before the christmas break, which is only two weeks away. I'll  try to update the blog as much as possible! So bare with me.