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I went to the movies last night with my friends, and we saw The hungergames: Catching fire! I've read all the books (which is so good) and the movie was beyond amazing! Everything was on point, except that they left out after my opinion an important detail. But at the end, everything was like I imagined it would be.



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I really have no idea how I managed to stand still and take outfit pictures. It was so freaking cold today!! But I have to say that I'm looking forward to the snow to come, because Christmas Isn't the same without it. 



I went out last night and ate dinner at Fridays with my class. Had so much fun! After the dinner we went to the theater with our teacher. It was better than expected and I had a really great time with my class. And before the dinner, I tried to take som outfit pictures but by the time we got out it was allready dark, so it didn't turned out great. As you guys can see, I wore a black dress underneath my black coat, so you can't really see it...   




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I don't really know how it happen, but everything I've been wearing lately is black. Well not ALL of my outfits, but most of them. I just really fell in love with simplicity and basics. My style have changed so much during the last 3 years... I definitely like it. 



I have to say that I've been a bit dissapointed of the two first collections that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen designed for Bikbok. The 3rd collection on the other hand, I absolutely LOVE. The collection is so simple, and they've used the basic colors to create simple, perfect garments. The knits and the dress are my favourites, no doubt about it. I like how the whole collection consists by relaxed statement pieces that can be styled in so many ways. Can't wait for the collection to come out. (december 3rd)!

What do you guys think?



top primark

My sister came home from Berlin with this super cool top with mickey mouse on it! I absolutely love it.