Alexander Wang heels, get them here

Wow, look at those heels! They are perfect and so freakin' cool. But unfortunately waay over my budget. Still, so, so very pretty.



playsuit h&m  blazer cubus (old) belt h&m (old)  shoes dinsko  purse bought on a marked in Alcudia.

I had my english exam today, and it feels so good to be done with it. Felt like it went good, but you never know, so finger crossed for the best! I've got one more exam, and then I'm done for the year. Which means, SUMMERVACATION! I really can't wait.

(My outfits lately are acctually really plain. Somehow my style is turning into something boring that I don't like. And I'm not inspired at all for the moment. But, i'll try my best to be creative and blog as much as I can!!)



So i've found this online shopping site that have this L.A girl kinda vibe. They have really cool and chic clothes that are perrrrfect for summer. Also their site contains simple, basic clothes and also cute and sporty. You guys should definitly check it out!

Under, you guys can see some of my faves. :

(click on the link over to go directly to the site)



Loving these pictures.

I'm preparing myself for the english exam, that's on thursday. So basically i'm reading "alot" of english. Currently i'm on the last book of the hunger games series. And wow, the books are SO GOOD! I know these books came out a while ago, but I got them for christmas and started reading them then. And I really like this years theme for the english exam, which is "change".


hey there.

Ahh, the weather is on it's best today! Enjoy the nice weather and have a wonderful day. 


outfit of the day.

Love this outfit. It's simple, chic and cool at the same time.

What do you think?


I just looove these b&w photos. Pictures of flowers in b&w is perfection. (or, well anything in b&w is perfection. Something about that effect...)


hipp hipp hurra.

kjole topshop clutch lindex

Hipp hipp HURRA for kjære Norge! Ha en fantastisk dag videre alle sammen. 



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So I made a collage of some of my favourites from a online shopping site named Sheinside. They really do have some cool clothes there! And alot of different types of style, which I really, really love. And i'm in love with the last tee. So cool and perfect for the summer!
(click on the link over to go directly to the site!!)

So, any favourites?

Fashion inspiration.

I came up in english for the exams! Soooo happy. I really thought that we would get math for some reason, but luckly not!



shirt secondhand jeans bikbok shoes dinsko sunglasses bikbok

Today's outfit.





So this is what I need to find.. A pair of perfect leather shorts that I can use year after year without it beeing "out of trend". I also need to find a leather skirt. Somehow I never manage to find neither of them... So, do you guys know any stores that have cool leather shorts or skirt?