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Bought the perfect pair of shoes today, I absolutely fell in love with them the second I tried them on. I had to think about it, but at the end I couldn't get them out of my head. So now I own the perfect pair of shoes for the fall and winter. When I think about it, they would probably be used during all four seasons. 


Fashion inspiration.

Some fashion inspiration. I love all of these simple outfits. Simple in a very cool way and with something different to it. AND how comfy does the sweater dress look like? Would definitely wear that to fall/winter. Looks amazing.


The new coat.

Coat from Zara.

I bought this amazing and very perfect black coat on friday. I love the wool texture on the coat. and the gold details. Perfect for fall and winter. Also it's a little bit oversized, which I really love. Can't wait to start wearing it!

What do you guys think about it?


Interior inspiration

Let's just say that I really want my room to look just as the first picture... So much space, everything is just simple, clean and white.



blazer zara top and belt bikbok shorts weekday purse secondhand

Just came home from the city with my sisters, we went to fridays and ate som really good burgers. Then we went to Zara where I found the perfect black coat for the fall and winter. Can't wait to show you guys! Pictures will be up on the blog soon.


Bright orange.

shorts zara tee weekday jacket h&m shoes dinsko

 It's so weird to have this new school plan, where the days are longer and let's not forget the classes. I'm used to have an hour with each subject and then shool's done at 2:00. Where now the classes are about 90 minutes or more, and then shool's done at 03.30. And an hour later I'm home. Let's just say that I'm not looking forward to all the homework that will come, and suprisingly enough the days don't actually feel that long... Well, it'll probably depends on what subject I'm having! But of course I think that high school will be an extremely learnfull and exciting! 


For fall.

for fall

for fall #2

Fall is coming soon. And all I can think of is big coats, cool boots, black jeans, simple tee's and big scarves.
What I'm missing in my closet right now, is the perfect pair of black jeans, a black coat and cool boots. Luckly I'm going shopping with my sisters on friday, and I know exactly what I'm looking for. And i'm actually excited for fall. What about you guys?


Fashion inspiration.

Hi guys! Vacation is over and I had my very first day at high school on thursday. So excited with a new school, and a new class. Let's hope that it's going to be a good year. 


The heat.

shirt/dress zara top topshop shorts secondhand shoes dinsko

I wore this yesterday when I went to the movies with Leorina. We saw The heat, and it's hilarious! I haven't seen a good comedy in a really long time, and this one is GOOD. You guys should go and see it!