Angelica Blick for BikBok

I can't believe that one of my favourite bloggers, Angelica Blick is having her own collection for BikBok. Everything looks very typical her, bold and cool. My favourites are the two last outfits. So excited for this! The collection will be out on April 26.



Today's outfit

Coat Zara Sweater and skirt H&M 

I bought a new coat on sale today from Zara, and it's so perfect and not black! Actually it's red and blue, oversized and so very cool. 


Today's fashion inspiration

I wouldn't mind the black dress and the way to perfect black jacket. And it would probably look amazing together. 



Recens paper launching party

Last night me and my friend Robyn, went to Recens paper launching party. They had fashion shows, performers and it was a lot of fun. Also, my friend Robyn got asked to walk for one of the designers! It was so cool to see her walking the "runway". And for those who wonder what Recens paper is, it's a magazine made by 3 young and very ambitious girls. I'll post picture of it!


The artists.

So, this is what I wore last night, really simple. Shirt from Monki, playsuit underneat from H&M, clutch from Marc Jacobs and shoes from Vagabond