I'm back

I'm back from France! 
One week in France went by so fast, and so many memories was made. I had such a fun time with my french class. Truly one my best weeks ever. I didn't really take any proper outfit pictures, so the picture above is the only picture where you can see my outfit, or one of my outfits. 



At the moment I'm in Belfort with my french class, and we will be staying here for a week. Just wanted to give you guys a little update from Belfort, and also telling you guys that I won't be blogging that much during my stay. The school here is so different then what I'm used to in Norway, but it's intresting to watch. Tomorrow's plan is shopping, and hopefully I'll find something nice!


White chunks

 Something about white, chunky heels/sandals that I love. The minimalism and coolness about it. I'll definitely be on the look-out for a pair of chunks. 


The perfect 4


4 by kimtpham featuring Givenchy

If there's one thing I need, it is a black bag. Amazingly enough I only have brown leather bags! Maybe one black one. So therefor I'm on the hunt for the perfect black bag. Since I'm leaving for France in about one week, I'll definitely have my eyes open, so maybe I'll find something there. 

Do you guys have any suggestions, where I can look? 


Two perfect nude bags

As much as I love the Chanel boy bag, the Roger Vivier bag is way to perfect, and the golden chain makes it even more perfect. 


The coat

So I metioned that I bought a new coat, and i've been wearing it non-stop. Super comfy and perfectly oversized. Unfortunately I don't have any great photos of it, except from my instagram pictures. But I still wanted to show you guys the coat. 



"I think flowers are very beautiful things, very nice and innocent things"