Coat H&M (my sister's) Tee Monki Jeans Bikbok Necklace H&M

I did not bring my camera today unfortunately, but I took some pictures with my iphone! I absolutely love this coat from H&M that I borrowed from my big sister, it just makes the outfit so less boring. And the fact that it is the end of june, and it's raining and cold, makes it so sad. Where is the sun?? Summer, please come back. 


Today's inspiration

So guys, it's officially summer! These to next months will be filled with relaxation, spending time with friends, beeing one week in turkey which will consist of sun, beach, swimming and good food. I can't wait!


Pointy heels

I remember when the pointy heels became huge trend or they still are, I actually wasn't a huge fan of them.  But now that they've been in trend for a while, I've started to like them. It just depends on the shape, how pointy they are and the height. I mean, I wouldn't mind the white pair above!


Bird of paradise

These photos are giving me a major summervibe which makes me super excited for my vacation to Turkey. And also, how stunning does Frida Gustavsson look for C Magazine?


Today's inspiration

Pictures via my tumblr; twwentyfour

So nice to have a day off. One week left, and then summer vacation is here.


Silky blue

Dress h&m Shirt zara

I went to Oslo with my friend Leorina today, and since it was so warm outside we went to the park and enjoyed the increadible weather. After sitting there for a while we then went down to Akerbrygge. So the day basically consisted of sitting in the sun, talking and getting excited for our summer vacation. 



I finally managed to take some outfit pictures yesterday before I went to my friends birthday. The whole outfit (except from the heels) are borrowed from my big sister! Ahh, the perks of having an older sister with a quite similiar style as me. (this is where the emoji of the praying hands would fit in). But to be honest I didn't wear the heels, but it really made the outfit complete, so why not take pictures with the heels on. 


Just to notify that summer vacation is only two weeks away and my excitement is huge. 



Jak & Jil was one of the streetstyle blogs that I read on a daily basis. But now, I can't remember the last time I read it, or well looked at it (since the blog only consists of pictures). Actually all of the blogs that I Used to read are kind of forgotten, but since summer vaction is only two weeks away I'll have plenty of time to catch up!