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Har prøvemuntlig denne uka. Skal opp på fredag. Så har hatt idag for å jobbe og har imorgen og torsdag. Kom heldigvis opp i Rle og ikke matte eller fransk. Men så kan det jo hende at jeg kommer opp i matte når eksamen kommer eller fransk og matte på muntlig eksamen. Meen skal fokusere på det jeg har nå og prøver meg på 6'rn. Neida. Blir veldig fornøyd med en 5'r. haha. Skulle egentlig bare si i fra om at det ikke blir så mye blogging fram til fredag. See ya!


Electric blue.

The sun is here and it's finally getting warmer! Just went out and took some pictures since I didn't have any outfit pictures. So I decided to just put on something and take a couple pics. So this is the result!

School is going waaay to fast. I mean, I do really bad wish that summer would come already. But at the same time, it's a bit sad that this is the last year with my class. After the summer vacation everyone will start at different schools, but I guess I just have to enjoy the rest of this school year!



Ahh, love these photos.

I've been absent from the blog for a couple of days, sorry for that! But i'm back. (and reeeeally ready for summer) 



Bieber spam.

Last night was AMAZING! I really can't get over the fact that I was on a Justin Bieber concert. I've been waiting for this day for over 200 days. Ah, the whole concert was fantastic, incredible and so much fun! Everything went to fast. Such a good day!


Mary kate and Ashley Oslen.

I really can't wait! The collection is coming this fall. And crossing my fingers that the collection will  be perfection. (since it's mary kate and ashley olsen we're talking about)


Miss Lana Del Rey.

_Lana del rey concert in Oslo last night. 

As you can see, I was on Lana Del Rey's concert last night and it was AMAZING. Her voice is truly magical live. 

I also filmed alot during the concert. I'm probably going to post it on the blog later on if i have the time to put them together! 


3 ways to wear T by Alexander Wang.


#36 by kimtpham featuring topshop

The summer/festival look. This look is perfect for the summer or a festival. I love the simple headpiece. And without adding so much jewellery you can easily add some color to the outfit by using lipstick and nailpolish. And voila! You're ready. (also, if it's wet and muddy at the festival you can switch out the sandals with a pair of cool boots)


#35 by kimtpham featuring 2nd day

The feminine look. This outfit is feminine in a cool and simple way. Which is something that i'm a big fan of! You can also take it down a notch by adding some flats instead of the heels.


The rough/tough look. This is probably my fav. look. I love everything simple that has a toughness to it. And the red lipstick is a perfect way to end this outfit. And how cool is that Acne jacket?! Gaad, i'm in love with all of the Acne jackets. Really.