A really cool vintage store, where I bought two new garments!

 The streets were filled with cool graffities.

 Homemade fruit popsicles. So good, and really tasteful.

The coolest candy store. Happy pills.

 THIS, was delicious!!

Barcelona beach! It's increadible, and so nice. We spent 3 days there. And the water was such a delight, I could've been in the water for ages!

 La Boqueria food market. A must. La Boqueria is filled with fresh fruits, alot of candy, food, and delicious icecream! And the fruits are so cheap.

 top bikbok skirt h&m shirt zara

 My sisters!
Mulberry and chanel...

 Sweater and shorts zara

 Sagrada Familia. The most amazing thing I've ever seen. This church it's exceptional, which isn't surprising since it's one of Gaudi's work! Also a MUST if you're visiting Barcelona.

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  1. BILDENE! Sykt nice, så utrolig fint ut der!