Rhodos, Pamukkale & Dalyan

During our stay in Marmaris we went on three trips. 

1. A boat trip to Rhodos (it was such a lovely place)

2. A long bus ride to the the increadible Pamukkale

3. Another boat trip, this time to Dalyan, which included a mud bath, taking the boat to see turtles, the amazing king graves and at the end relaxing on the turtle beach.  

Rhodos was such a beautiful place! I've always wanted to visit the greek islands since I've heard so many beautiful things about them. So me and my sisters took an 1 hour long boat trip to Rhodos were we had 4-5 hours to explore the island. I really liked it there, and let's not forget how blue and clear the water looks like.

Pamukkale which means the "cotten castle" in Turkish, was no doubt in my mind the most amazing place I've ever seen. This place was just beautiful. All the white that you see on the pictures is made of some sorts of mixed minerals if I remember correctly. Either way, if you guys have the chance to visit this place, do it! I promise that you guys won't regret it. 

The boat trip to dalyan was just a relaxing trip. It starting with a mud bath. Then we took the boat and we got to see the king graves (picture nr. 2), which was really exctiting, especially when our guide told us the story behind it! At the end of the day we went to a beach named Turtle beach, and spent the last two hours there enjoying the sun. 


Our stay in Marmaris went so fast because of all the trips we took. But I really enjoyed it all. 

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